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People says “Health is Wealth”. Every happiness means in life only when you are healthy. A person can buy everything things with money but can not buy health and without good health you can not live a happy life. More than 50% population of our country are sick, they are suffering from several kind of diseases. A huge number of children is also there. We at Women relief trust India NGO want to help those people who is not well and their fight is with themselves. We are helping them economically and emotionally. We would like to request you ,please come forward to help them. You do not have to do a lot for them ,your small contribution can also make smile on their face.We have helped several children to fight with cancer and other disease who is incapable for their treatment. His/Her parents if poor and can not afford  cost of their treatment.It would be great if we could help them to live their life. Do not think much just click on Donate tab and give some smile to them.


Name: Anurag
Disease: Blood Cancer
Age: 4 year

Name: Master Nitendra
Disease: Bone Cancer
Age: 13 year
We all are Indian citizen and we all want to see India as a develop country Education plays most important role in this. Make Donation
People says “Health is Wealth”. Every happiness means in life only when you are healthy.. Make Donation
Vocational training is a short time training which is provided to a particular class people to enhance some technical skill. Make Donation