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Welcome to Women Relief Trust :Women Relief Trust, was established in 2013.As we all know that Trust is made for welfare of women ,old age , children . No doubt India is fastest growing country , but still there is no equal division of funds. Rich people are too rich and poor people are to poor.India is country of villages and the population of our country is approx 1.25 cr , 1 cr from which are living below  poverty line. These people struggling hard for their survival and they can not manage their food ,shelter and other basic needs. In this situation they never afford their medical expense as well as can not go school for education.We at Women Relief Trust , realize all these issues and proceed ahead to help them out ,but alone it is not possible to do something good for helpless children ,women ,physically challenged people . To help them we established a Trust , where we can help those people.We are a team of Young , dynamic and helpful person ,who devote their time to support these kind of people. Apart from this we also use to ask from other capable people to help them with their time and money.Till now we have helped many children in their treatment and education ,for more details you can visit our whole website.


Name: Anurag
Disease: Blood Cancer
Age: 4 year

Name: Master Nitendra
Disease: Bone Cancer
Age: 13 year
We all are Indian citizen and we all want to see India as a develop country Education plays most important role in this. Make Donation
People says “Health is Wealth”. Every happiness means in life only when you are healthy.. Make Donation
Vocational training is a short time training which is provided to a particular class people to enhance some technical skill. Make Donation